What Happens Next?

When our Mini Nubian kids hit the ground, if one is available in the category that you have chosen, you will be notified by email.  We will notify you before the kid is 1 month of age.  We usually contact you much sooner, especially in the case of bucklings.

If you paid $15 and were put on our list but didn’t get any kid(s) during the year you registered, you will be given the option of being put on our Waiting List for the next year free of charge.  Reservation fees are not refundable.




To Send Your $15 Reservation Payment: 

If you wish to mail us a personal check or a Cashiers Check please tell us that in the Comments section above.  If you wish to pay by PayPal, please request that in the Comments section so that we can send you a PayPal Invoice.

Our kids are made available to those on our Reservation Waiting List in the order that they were received.  A Reservation costs $15 per year.  This fee is per person, not per goat.  If you are wanting more than one kid, please list what you want in the Comments section.  

Please fill out the Reservation information below AND contact us about making payment.  Once your payment and your reservation information are received you will be added to our Waiting List.