DOB:  01/09/17

            SIRE:  Rafter O Chipping Sparrow (Purebred) Generation 6
DAM:   Garrison Farms Maybelle Blue Generation 5

NOTES:  Blue eyed & Polled, Retained


DOB:  05/19/14

               SIRE:  Backyard Mini Nubian Remus Blue  AMN02441p

DAM:  Backyard Mini Nubian Mini  AMN03253

NOTES:  Blue eyed, polled (heterozygous) large capacity, large teats with large orifices. Tested CAE, Cl, Johnes, G6 clean.  Retained

Knight Fall Dixie

Garrison Farms Maybelle Blue

​Fine bloodlines, good temperaments and great milkers!

KL F  Blue Sage


DOB:  03/09/15

SIRE:  Eddie Place Nomad Blue  AMN04614

DAM:  Too Mini Acres Cupcake  AMN02951

NOTES:  Purebred Doe, lovely ears, sweet temperament.  Tested CAE, CL, Johnes and G6 clean.  Retained

KL F  Rosemary Blue


DOB:  01/9/17

SIRE:  Rafter O Chipping Sparrow (Purebred)

DAM:  Garrison Farms Maybelle Blue (Gen 5)

NOTES:  Blue eyed, polled, Generation 6, Retained