DOB:  3/19/17

SIRE:  Rafter O Chipping Sparrow, Purebred mNubian

              DAM:  HBF B Ghost Dancer (Violet), Registered Nigerian Dwarf

NOTES:  Gen 1, Frosty is a beautiful Roan with lots of white. He will be small. He will be disbudded.


& On Deposit

For Sale

H B F  B Ghost Dancer


DOB:  01/09/17

SIRE:  Rafter O Chipping Sparrow (Purebred), Generation 6

DAM:  Garrison Farms Maybelle Blue, Generation 5


KL F  Frostweed


DOB:  03/15/17

   SIRE:  Eddy Place Nomad Blue  AMN02060P

DAM:  Too Mini Acres Cupcake   AMN2951

NOTES:  Purebred Doe.  Sweet temperament and tested CAE, CL, Johnes and G6 clean.  Bailey is due April 24th and will be sold in milk once her kids are weaned.  


Knight  Fall  Bailey (Willow)

KL F  Miller Thyme

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DOB:  02/24/2012

SIRE:  Piddlin Acres w Basil  D1401311

     DAM:  AGS HBF Mi War Dance  D1437521

NOTES:  ADGA Nigerian Dwarf, Bred to Chip.  Dancer is a 4th freshener and had triplets once again (on 3/19/17) .  She had 2 doelings and a buckling.  She will be sold in milk once her kids are weaned. Tested CAE and CL clean.